Celestron G11-b

Celestron G11 (made by Scott Losmandy, so equivalent to Losmandy G-11) – mount 2 of 2

This second G-11 has been equipped with the “classical” DDS (Digital Drive System) from Losmandy – so tracking is available, and Autoguiding can be applied (but no Goto, if you want this I can recommend the rather inexpensive OnStep-solution – including new stepper-motors because the original ones don’t support hi-speed).

It’s an impressive piece of gear: very sturdy, smooth tracking, and ready to go. Only add a tripod or pier (a polar finder is included…).

We were thinking of 1.400 euro + shipping (but if you live in Belgium or closeby we can probably find a way to deliver it…). But we’re open to every (serious!) bid :-).

The second Losmandy G-11 as sold (only the tripod and the polar finder are missing), so with the DDS-electronics, and one counterweight.
The DDS (Digital Drive System) from Losmandy, very easy to use…
Including the Handset….
The mount had (external) encoders on both axes, but these are not used by the DDS-system – but you could use them if you switch to another drive, the FS2 (Koch) maybe?
Periodic error (measured over 34 minutes) – each period of the worm-gear is 4 minutes. As you can see, the curve is rather smooth (so easily corrected by autoguiding) and the maximum errors are +/- 7.
The mount before we added the DDS and its stepper motors (the original DC-motors can be added, if needed).

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