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  • Apogee Alta E32

    Apogee Alta E32 2184x1472px (Kodak KAF-3200E/ME sensor), TCP/IP-connection, cooling: 50°C below ambient

  • Pyxis camera rotator

    Pyxis Field Rotator 2″, generation 1, Optec Instruments

  • Celestron G11-b

    Celestron G11 (made by Scott Losmandy, so equivalent to Losmandy G-11) – mount 2 of 2 This second G-11 has been equipped with the “classical” DDS (Digital Drive System) from Losmandy – so tracking is available, and Autoguiding can be applied (but no Goto, if you want this I can recommend the rather inexpensive OnStep-solution…

  • Celestron G11

    Celestron G11 (made by , so equivalent to Losmandy G-11) – mount 1 of 2

  • AstroPhysics 1200GTO

  • 300mm dual focus telescope

    Lichtenknecker optics 300mm dual focus telescope: Newton or Cassegrain We’re still trying to figure out all the details of this telescope, at this point we only know it’s diameter (300mm), focal length of the primary mirror (approx. 1620mm, according to our measurements and the numbers written on the back of the primary mirror) and the…

  • FFC 760/4.0 Lichtenknecker Optics

    Lichtenknecker Optics FFC (FlatFieldCamera) 760/4.0 The well-known FlatFieldCamera from our Belgian company Lichtenknecker Optics – but with a twist: the (internal) focusing mechanism has been equipped with a stepper-motor in order to provide an autofocusing mechanism. But one should provide its own electronics, there’s a RJ45-connector (albeit with only 5 wires) coming out of the…

  • 175mm Lichtenknecker Optics VAF

    175mm APO, f=1300mm, Lichtenknecker Optics — “Voll Apochromat Fluorite” Beautiful crafted 175mm apochromat (“VAF” in German) made by our Belgian company Lichtenknecker Optics (LO). Comes with heavy-duty tube-rings, and again a large collection of extension tubes (some screw-on, some LO-style “push-fit”). The massive helical focuser comes is motorised, with a Robofocus (model 3.1). And finally…

  • 175mm APM-apochromat

    175mm APO (TMB-design), f=1400mm, APM-telescopes Wonderful and rare instrument! According to an avid astronomer who observed with it: “The 175mm APM-refractor was of exceptional quality!”. Comes with heavy-duty tube-ring and an amazing lot of screw-on extension rings (as you can see on the images). The focuser has a (self-made?-) motofocus, with a Robofocus (model 3.1).…

  • 50cm Newtonian

    50cm Newtonian on very heavy mount Update 2022-05-14: Today, we unmounted the big telescope: first the primary mirror, then the secondary and finally we took the “skeleton” (the truss-tube) of the mount. And we were in for a big surprise: once we cleaned bit mirrors (very very delicately, first removing all the dust under running…